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"Leading the Accelerated Information Age"

Some features of business never go out of style.

Putting a face with a name. Reaching people, connecting people, and creating a lasting impression while you have their attention.

The number one method to achieve search-engine rank and provide value to your customers is video. It's what people want, and video is actually being asked for by Google, and other business index providers to build the next phase of visual navigation on the web.

Trends on the internet have nearly become predictable. 10 years ago it was clear to some people that a website was essential to maintain. There was hype then, too, and skeptics still needed convincing. The result? Those who took appropriate action at that time are at the top of the search engines today.

These days, it's a lot like that time 10 years ago, except now the learning curve hits in the Marketing department. Most people understand that it's important to have a website, but very few people really understand what to do with them.



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Many businesses we speak to have a common focus - it's a popular belief that there is some elusive consumer who must be sought after, when we know it's business owners who must be educated before any common ground between services offered and services needed will be achieved. When that happens, supply meets demand, and economy is generated. This is good for the entire nation.

We at Diamota realize why marketing critically important at this time.

We are not going to say it's because the economy is slow, or dish out some hype about sales. We're not even going to claim that innovation is critically important to survive at this time, even though it's true!

The chief reason things have changed is very simply that the Internet has replaced the Yellow Pages as the way we find people and business, and everyone needs to secure a position in this directory before it is too late.

The best way to do that at this time is with video. It's what people want, and we've got it.

We are creating successful companies, and assisting successful companies by translating their business to the web. In our market it's about reaching national audiences, and delivering value. It's about creating appeal, and giving your company or even your industry a face that people recognize and want to know better.

We are seeking innovative, responsible, and sustainable business to promote.

Thank you~

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